Westy interior CHEAPER NOW!

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Westy interior CHEAPER NOW!

Post by fusername » Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:43 pm


73 westy guts, all for sale, most in good shape, although the over -head storage thing is kinda sad. All the wood is solid, but all the veneer is coming right off. I have the sink, both fold out tables still there, side cabinet etc. Basically everything is 50 a piece, bundle deal and you get a nice big discount.

I also have the rear seat/fold out bed from a later bay, 76-79 I think, with no cushions. 30 for that, just the frame and hinges, no plaid and no cushions.

full set of curtain rods, 55 or 12 a piece. From a 73, not sure it makes any difference.
I also have the trim to hold down the pop-top fabric on a 73, 25 takes both pieces, nice shape.

got lots and lots of more little parts, ask and ye may receive.
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