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How is your donation to ShopTalkForums used?

All donations to STF are used as follows:

1.Donations cover the cost of running and maintaining the site. STF has ongoing monthly expenses to rent the server space and, from time to time, pay fees to the host company to upgrade the actual equipment. These costs are really pretty inexpensive.
2.It has become necessary to seek professional help, from time to time, to make the necessary software changes that keep STF running and functioning professionally. Day to day maintenance is performed by our non-paid technical volunteers. Only major upgrades are contracted to paid professionals. These changes are just too complex and time consuming to ask our non-paid volunteers to do. So, we pay to have this work done. Moderators are not paid. The site owner makes no money on STF.
3.Donated funds, as available, will be used to purchase prizes for contests and other promotions that are made available to all members or certain groups of members. The site owner is the sole decision maker on how these funds will be employed. Generally, these events will be directed toward increasing member participation and recruiting new members.
4.From time to time, a situation arises in which a VW enthusiast needs a little assistance. Donated funds, as available, will be used to donate to or wholly fund this type of project. The site owner is the sole decision maker for this type of project.

For those who don't do Paypal, you can still donate.

Send check, money order or comparable to:

645 S State College Blvd, Unit E
Fullerton, Ca. 92831

Make checks payable to ShopTalkForums

You can send cash, but I always think it's a little risky. But if it gets here, I'll bet the bank will accept it.

All donations are appreciated and will be used to make STF better for all members.

If you have questions, please ask!

STF, its owner and the 30,000+ members truly appreciate your donation to the site. You may donate any amount. After 21 years, we are still going strong and are one of the premier aircooled VW sites on the internet. Our membership is from all over the world and continues to grow. Donating to STF will keep us going strong.

AdminSteve (STF Owner)