What is this port in the rear fender well?

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What is this port in the rear fender well?

Post by trscott » Sun Mar 30, 2008 3:19 am

Sorry I didn't get a picture yet, but will try to remember to do that tomorrow if no one recognizes this from the description.

I am working on a 1971 standard beetle. Most of my experience with bugs has been on '67 or earlier.

When we took off the left rear wheel to get at the brake drum, I noticed a hole in the fender well which I don't remember seeing before on my older bugs. It looks like an exhaust flange in the fender well, with two threaded studs sticking out, but nothing attached on the fender well side or the other side. Just an exhaust port sized hole in the sheet metal with what looks about like studs for a two bolt flange, I think this "port" was about three inches or so rear of the shock tower, but the back side was forward of the firewall. It looks as if maybe it was supposed to have some sort of pipe with a two bolt flange attached to the inside of the fender well behind the wheel. The backside would be in the general vicinity of the heater box. Maybe a fresh air port for when the heater box duct is off, and the studs are for mounting a snorkle so you don't get water up in there or something???

Sound familiar?

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Post by Marc » Sun Mar 30, 2008 4:29 am

You'll find one just like it on the right side. It's how the rear stabilizer ("Z") bar mounts when the body's used in a swingaxle application (all Beetles sold in the US from `69-up are IRS, but not so in other markets).
The Z-bar first came out in `67 - if you've worked on a `67 before you'd have seen this (unless someone stripped it out). They look like this, and act as both a camber compensator and an overload spring - the mounting flanges are visible on the ends:

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