17's w stock finders

You know, de-chromed, big Porsche rims, Brembos, etc.,... German Look rules!
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Post by BREEZE » Wed Dec 14, 2005 12:29 pm


yeah i dont think i could get much more under my finders!! heres a pic from last night after i got done priming it.

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Post by EZ-PEFORMANCE.COM » Wed Dec 14, 2005 1:07 pm

[quote="Marc"]That's a Super Beetle - completely different front suspension (and fenders) than your`70 bug.
Here's a Standard Beetle with 16x6" Boxter rims and Creative Car Craft widened fenders (they'd never fit under stockers except when pointed straight ahead). Note the spacers used to keep the tires from rubbing on the lower control arms at the front and the edge of the pan in back - even with them this car has lost almost a half-turn of steering in each direction - to regain that I'll need to grind into the shock towers and weld them back up, as it is they'd shred the sidewalls on a sharp turn.]

Hey mark so what is it about the 17 inch that wont fit in the standard bug ? is it the hieght n width or just the widh part ? iam iam prety sure the hieght would tuck right under the stock fender but the width part is the tricky ?

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Post by Marc » Wed Dec 14, 2005 3:32 pm

The rim diameter doesn't cause any problem, in fact a larger-diameter rim may have slightly better inner clearance to the control arm & swaybar because with the same height tire the widest part of the sidewall is further "out" towards the tread...that same effect could make fender clearance a little worse, though - tire size and aspect ratio do enter into it, as well as the suspension ride height.
Height-wise, a 195/55-17 or a 215/50-17 is almost identical to a stock 165-15. A 195/50 is ~.7" shorter, and a 205/50 is ~.3" shorter. But these lower-profile tires will all be wider at the tread & sidewall, so even though they fit fine with the wheels pointed straight they're more likely to rub the fenders when you turn.

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