IGN-4 coil questions...

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IGN-4 coil questions...

Post by ecksrash » Sun Jun 11, 2017 12:28 pm

I have a few questions regarding the IGN-4 coil that I'll be running with my FI swap. I know it's a wasted spark system, and that two cylinders get spark each time it fires... There are numbers on each terminal of the coil. Do those numbers designate which cylinder the ignition lead goes to? I know these coils came from a Dodge Neon and I don't know the firing order on that engine...or if that even matters. Any info or direction is appreciated...

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Re: IGN-4 coil questions...

Post by Clonebug » Sun Jun 11, 2017 2:43 pm

It really doesn't matter which post you use as long as the pairs match your engine firing order.

A VW is 1,4,3,2 so in essence you would put 1,3 on one coil and 4,2 on the other coil. Just make sure the two trigger wires go to the corresponding coils.

Look at the coil and confirm which way the coils lay. There will be a post on the top and bottom of each coil.
If you start with post number one and use that for Cylinder #1 then the #3 cylinder would go on the bottom of that same coil..... not on the numbered part.
On the ford coil I use the firing order for those engines are 1,3,4,2 so you have to be a little careful.
It really is not too difficult.
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