Setting up new Weber IDF's

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Setting up new Weber IDF's

Post by RHough » Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:18 pm

My new Weber IDF's arrived today!

I have a few quick questions before I bolt them on and go play.

They look identical so no right or left?

Anything I should look for when I move the fuel inlet on one carb to match the other? I think I want the fuel hoses to come from the cooling shroud side back to the carbs.

Any problem just moving the idle speed screw from one end of the throttle shaft to the other so both screws are at the back?

Should I worry about the return spring being on the linkage side on one carb and on the other end of the shaft on the other?

I had ACN check jetting and do their thing so with a 3# regulator I should be close to plug and play.

For vacuum advance do I just pull the screw out of the vacuum port? Any benefit to using a tee to get vacuum from both sides? Should I put a restriction in the line to dampen the vacuum signal?

These are going in my 1972 Ghia with stock tin. Kit came with tall looking manifolds marked "A" and "B" I'm sure it will be obvious what side they fit when I start the install.

Last (for now). On the three barrel carbs used on 911's I fine tuned sync at idle with air corrector settings. I assume the Webers are the same? Once base sync and idle speed are set are the two throats in each carb synced using the air screws? I assume you open the air corrector on the lower flow of the two throats to match the one that flows more. Then check/reset idle speed and idle mixture ... rinse and repeat?


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