Issues with Vanagon EI ignition Type IV CU-Engine

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Issues with Vanagon EI ignition Type IV CU-Engine

Post by DrElch » Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:02 am


I've got a Type IV Engine code CU. So it's an early vanagon engine, which I run in my bay window.
It is a stock engine with 32-34 PDSIT Carbs.

The engine has issues with the original Bosch Electric Ignition Unit that came with the engine. In Germany it is called TSZ-H.

I can run the engine without issues with an 009. But when I switch to the EI it won't start.

I have the complete Setup containing the green bosh coil, Distributor, ECU and Idle control box.
It has spark and the box delivers the correct voltages according to the manual (like 12V on port 1 of the coil) I tried a lot in terms of early and late ignition but nothing seems to work.

The engine won't start but does a lot of backfiring through the carbs or fires through the exhaust. But that's about it. Any ideas what I could troubleshoot or what I'm missing?


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Re: Issues with Vanagon EI ignition Type IV CU-Engine

Post by Jadewombat » Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:13 pm

If the engine is firing, then you have spark. The plug wires are probably in the wrong order. If you pulled the whole distributor out, there is a chance the dist. gear is a little off. Getting the distributor gear aligned with where it's supposed to be is sometimes a PITA.

I would pull the valve cover off, pull the #1 spark plug out, pull the dist. cap off, and rotate the engine by hand. Use a wooden chop stick (or something like it) in the #1 spark plug hole as you rotate the engine around. When the piston is at the top of the crown and both cylinder head valves closed, check the alignment of the notch on the crank pulley with the engine case and then check which direction the distributor gear is pointed.

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Re: Issues with Vanagon EI ignition Type IV CU-Engine

Post by luftvagon » Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:06 am

Make sure there is pulse signal going to the ECU. Your idle module may be broken. Check the manual... I think it's #1 wire on the wiring harness. but dont quote me on that.. check the manual, check for the signal going to the ECU
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