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Every car has an electrical system. Here's the place to learn all about it.

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FAQ & Commonly Requested Information

Post by david58 » Fri Oct 12, 2007 3:26 am

==101 Basics - Generator to Alternator Conversion==
3 prong altenator wiring
6 volt or 12 volt system?
ABC's of Electrical Trouble Shooting One Step at a Time
Alt and Oil Warning lights on a rail
AWG to Metric wire, standard vs thinwall metric cable
Battery state of charge
Best way to find a short in a wiring harness.
Bosch Blue Coil
Brake lights
Charging light only goes out after blip
CHT question
Circuit Separation
Correct use of a dwell meter...
Current flow
Decoding electrical diagrams
EFI - Wiring Harness - What's Different from Carb- T1
Emergency flasher switch
Energizing A Relay's Coil
FAQ - How do I know if my generator is generating
FAQ - Guages
FAQ - Idiot / Warning Lights
FAQ - Polarizing a Generator
FORD Starter Solenoids - Upgrade/Conversion
Free program to draw diagrams...
Generator check - repair
Generator help
Generator to Alt. swap
Glowing gen light
Grounding In Series
Ground Versus "Dedicated Ground"
H4 headlight conversion. . does it require a relay?
How do I replace/repair alternator internal regulator?
How to check temp gauge resistance
Intermittent short: How do you find those?
Jumping engine to start.
More batteries
My blinkers don't work...
Need help with 6v hard start relay
No spark
No spark, new coil help
Please help troubleshoot a Pertronix install
Replacement for an Alt light? (and other questions)
Source wire for harness/loom making
The digital multimeter.
To Fuse or not to Fuse
Turn Signal/Brake Light Toggle
"Universal" Wiring Harness
Voltage drop from 13.5 to 11.8v while driving
Voltage regulators, relays and solenoids oh my
Voltage stabilizer any good for bug?
?Warning light senders - where/how?
What advantages to alternator vs generator?
What Do Wire Abbreviations Mean - by rickosuave1987
What's the correct bulb wattage for turns & brake light?
Why does my battery mysteriously go dead?
Wire Identification Methods
Wire sizes Circuit Amps & Watts
Wireing one bulb turn signals
wiring up offroad lights
Wiring Up Warning Lights - Cross Post

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Post by MNAirHead » Wed May 14, 2008 10:31 am

Mallory Distributors by Scott Novak


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Post by khaney01 » Wed Oct 08, 2008 9:33 am

Links are broken but you can still view the posts by changing .com to .net when the new window pops up.


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Post by MNAirHead » Thu Oct 09, 2008 11:19 am

Thanks - they're fixing the issue.

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