Rear suspension, engine, and trans. bracing points

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Re: Rear suspension, engine, and trans. bracing points

Post by Piledriver » Sun Mar 05, 2017 4:02 am

BTW, seam welding the frame horns alone does not make it.
It helps some, but proper triangulation is much better.

I'm looking at adding (tubular) frame horns to my late square to free up room at the back for... other stuff... but the whole brace/framehorn setup will be removable with the rear torsion (as stock) at least, may bolt in entirely.
(sometimes just welding everything in place is the easy way out)

Anyone making a kafer bar for sale has to build in some adjustment, without some adjustment it wouldn't fit most of the cars out there. Everything is at least somewhat tweaked by now.
I, for one, regularly embrace our new robot overlords, as I am the guy fixing the robots...

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