Type 2 box. 3rd to 2nd problem

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Type 2 box. 3rd to 2nd problem

Post by GARRICK.CLARK » Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:31 am

Hi guys .
I have an issue with a bus box.
So. I have had a gearbox looked at by a good reputable gear box rebuilder.
The guy stripped it down and rebuilt it and says all is fine with it.
Put the box back in the bus.

The gear stick.

In neutral the stick moves side to side like it should.
Go for 1st and it wont go in.
Go for 2nd and it also wont go in.
Its like the stick moves too far too the left.

The gear stick plate.

I took this off to look at it. Someone previous to me has also had a gear selection problem and elongated the plate holes to move the gear stick position which hasn't worked.
I have put a weld on the long edge of the gear stick plate and smoothed it off. this has eliminated the too far over to the left issue. 1st and 2nd is in the right place.3rd and 4th is ok and reverse is there.( Got to press the stick down for reverse which is correct).


1st to 2nd is ok.
3rd to 4th is ok
3rd to 2nd wont work. I have to stop the bus and start again with 1st to 2nd to 3rd and 4th.
Any idea on what's the issue. Box or linkage.

Regards Garrick.

Casting Timmy
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Re: Type 2 box. 3rd to 2nd problem

Post by Casting Timmy » Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:32 am

My first though is the synchro riding high on 2nd and stopping the gear so you can't down shift. Can you rev the motor up a little and see if it will go in.

Hopefully others will chime in as well, but wonder if moving the shifter a little forward could help as well, my thought is maybe it's a little too farback and dragging the synchro. The easy check for this would be loosening the couple screw when it's parked and in gear and see if the hockey stick on the trans wants to move forward or backwards a little.

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Re: Type 2 box. 3rd to 2nd problem

Post by GARRICK.CLARK » Sun Jul 09, 2017 3:35 am

Ok thanks Timmy. I've been having a look at it again..
So removed the stick.
The end bush does have some play on it , Not much ,lets say the shift rod doesn't slide on the end shaft with a snug fit. Moving back down the length of the shift rod , I have released the locking bolt that joins the gear stick shift rod to the centre shift rod. Next I have found were neutral is on the NEW rear block that joins the hockey stick to the end of the shift rod, In neutral the block moves side to side. I have marked with tip ex the center of the shift block when the box is in neutral . My thinking is that having the shift block coupling in this position, the shift rod socket should now be in the middle of the oblong hole were the gear stick fits.

Also one of the shuttle @@@@ bushes has worked its way out of the centre tube. the one closest to the gear stick.

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