Water cooled engines and Gear choices

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Water cooled engines and Gear choices

Post by Casting Timmy » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:18 am

I'm starting to see more water cooled engine transaxle builds, currently doing a 3 rib for an 4 cylinder ecotec motor. I might have the motor wrong, but it's a 140-150HP motor with 140TQ according to the guy that dropped off the transaxle.

It's the ten tooth mainshaft version of the 3 rib with the 113 style 3rd and 4th. I figure this is about the max, but plan on the following for it as he doesn't want to upgrade to the 9 tooth and drives easy enough I don;t think it's absolutely needed for him either. He's more of a Sunday driver with his buggy and just likes to travel with it.

10 mainshaft - know it's close to the limit
weld hubs on 3rd and 4th
Chromoly pinion nut
Metal caged idler bearings for 1st and 4th

I realyl think since it's a street buggy that a super disc and stage 1 would be all he needs clutch wise as well. How overkill would a stage 2 pressure plate be on this, or when do you recommend switching up to stage 2?

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