Type 1 trans in an electric car

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Re: Type 1 trans in an electric car

Post by CaliforniaMilleGhia » Mon May 14, 2018 11:22 am


a little bit of History , when Bradley went out of business they had a yard full of VW chassis with dropped down floorpans to hold the batteries , they were using a big heavy GE aircraft (starter?) motor bolted up to a stock VW trans......
There still are a few electric Bradley GTs around ....

I have driven a stock bug set up for Electric last year, it ran nice down PCH 20 miles and back......but a few things to think about,,,,

A VW transmission is noisy , very noisy without the VW fan and rocker noise.......think of how bad solid mounts are in a stock bug ......

You never know what gear you are in , so you need to make some kind of idiot light system to tell you ,

if you are doing this 2 speed its not as bad , But the electric motor does not like 3rd gear from a dead stop going uphill !

if you are doing a 2 speed it needs to be in the 3-4 pattern , doing the 2-3 pattern is just not natural for most drivers....

It was good fun to drive , built with modern lithium batteries and a modern electric motor , but its a toy , as long as you drive in the range to get you back home its a nice change and a great 2nd car.

This was just one car and an afternoon drive , I am sure you can tweak it ......bigger motor , more batteries etc

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