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Re: Ol' Foggy garage seat with tool chest

Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 3:50 pm
by Ol'fogasaurus
Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:45 pm
Lee, and anyone else watching... All of the photos you posted through photobucket are no longer linking. Photobucket has stopped allowing 3rd party photo posting using their service and eliminated all the links... If you want to pay for Photobucket now, you can continue to use it how you always have... but they have now killed their appeal completely and If most are like me... well... I'm pretty nearly done deleting and removing all of my links to them... There are a ton of photos on the web that are now dead due to their lack of foresight.
Yeah, I have stopped using them but didn't delete everything. I am not going to pay $400 per month to post, that is for sure!

Greed is a (W)horrible thing! Its funny: if I remember correctly, the genetic code for hoarding is the same code as for alcoholism. I wonder if the overly rich and powerful are hoarders via the same genetic code. Hmmmmm!

Re: Ol' Foggy garage seat with tool chest

Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:14 pm
by Ol'fogasaurus ... &FORM=IGRE

Some different types of swivel air fittings that could be used to make my own air hose reel. As Pile said, the hose does not need to be that long, I would thinking 8' to 10' or less as the base would be movable. I don't need to even have a reel if I put the hose on the frames side but I sure do like the idea of it under the frame; sooo cool it twood be! 8)

The electrical connection on the tool chest frame could be much less involved as I have a electrical reel in the ceiling of the garage bay where I do most of the work. It easily cover's two bays or I can add another one in the middle bay if necessary. It is the idea of having the down low cart that I can easily move when working down low.

Even though I haven't used it "in anger" yet (really doing some positive work sitting on it), it has turned out to be much more handy than the stools I have been using.

Who ever came up with the original idea... thanks a lot!

Re: Ol' Foggy garage seat with tool chest

Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:07 pm
by Ol'fogasaurus
Since the other pictures are gone this is what was built. If anyone wants more contact me and I will post them.

By-the-way, remove the seat and the lid of the tool box will open unlocking the drawers to slide out and give extra storage. Push the drawers back in and closing the lid locks the drawers so the tool box can be lifted out of the stool w/o the drawers sliding out. The lid can be closed when the drawers are opened allowing them to be used in an open or closed situation.


Re: Ol' Foggy garage seat with tool chest

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:40 am
by Dale M.
What no "tapper" and pretzel holder....


Re: Ol' Foggy garage seat with tool chest

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:43 am
by Ol'fogasaurus
Hi Dale, haven't talked to you for a while now.

No food allowed in the garage as I make too much of a mess grinding all the time :roll:. I don't drink alcohol (partly because of meds) but it might be an idea for someone else.

I do have a small table sized refrigerator a couple steps away :wink: and having a soda under the work area with me is asking for an accident.

A small foldaway table could be added, maybe folding on the back side of the box which could be mounted and formed to be a back rest. Doing that might require the rear caster mounts to be cantilevered farther out. An interesting idea :idea: .

The idea for the short air line stored under the tool chest I still like just isn't going to work out and for many reasons. Putting the disconnects for air and electricity are still projected to-dos. Been too busy with other things like selling our motorhome so the garage is packed with stuff that was in it.

Silly... but suggestions like this do get my mind working and not only in the directions suggested :wink: .

Re: Ol' Foggy garage seat with tool chest

Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:47 pm
by Ol'fogasaurus
I finally gave up on the under seat air hose bit that Pile suggested ("Would a short retractable hose reel fit horizontally underneath, within the casters?"). I love the idea still but some parts of making it are beyond me at the time. I am pretty sure I could make the reel and use a ratchet wrench to wind the short hose in as I couldn't come up with a spring loaded kind of thing to do it but it was the locking it so it didn't unwind and keeping the end of the hose in place finally was the "IT" for this, at least for now; the commercial units I looked into are just too wide to use.

I was up at HF today (bad day as it is Labor Day and the place was crazy busy) and looked at what they had; again, too big in dia. and too fat. I did get an water filter for the join between the main air hose in and the short hose for under the car. They only have 5' short hoses, one with an ersatz swivel but both were too short... maybe. Not ready for that part yet, just planning ahead.

I was also up at one of the box stores to work on the electrical disconnect on the seat frame and drove 2 of the electronics guys crazy. "One of the busiest days of the year and everyone come in with weird stuff they want to do" :twisted: (a paraphrased quote but... gotcha!... :oops: sorry). But... I think we may have come up with a good way do it... and do it one better... maybe.

Now I have to figure out which disconnect/feed goes on which side of the stool. I am sure which ever side I choose will be the wrong side... then I will change it and it will be on the wrong again :roll: :twisted: .


Re: Ol' Foggy garage seat with tool chest

Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:27 pm
by Ol'fogasaurus
Did some preassembly then fitting to the frame and it looks like it is going to work out.

I can have either 2 or 6 plugins depending on the way I go but how ever I go it will be limited to a total of about 13 AMP total draw because of the wiring gauge I chose; it could be updated at a later time quite easily. This should be more than enough as I would have more than maybe two draws (lights for example) at the most going at any time. I did a calculation on line and a 500 watt draw of the lights I could use ranges from 4 to 4 1/2 AMPS depending on the calculator you use ( ... s_ohms.htm this was the second one I used) so two lights on a stand would still be under the 13 AMP draw.

Now I have to choose which side is power and which side is air.

Re: Ol' Foggy garage seat with tool chest

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:32 pm
by Ol'fogasaurus
I finished off adding the electrical connection this AM. My garage is so full after selling our motorhome that it is impossible to do much especially in the way of welding.

The box is a normal cheap electrical box to which I welded a strap of the same angle iron I made the frame upright from. To do this I cleaned the switch box and the strap then spot welded it in two places using the inside of the box then welded the ends of the strap to the box. Why? It was an experiment and it did work; it made it easier to clamp the now assembly into place while doing the welding on the angle iron join and not fall apart in the process. The angle iron wraps around the upright for a strong join. After much debate with myself as to which the side of the box I would add it to so, as I said before: no matter which side I add it to it will be the wrong side then, if I moved it to the other side after the first join it still would be wrong.

I punched out the lower hole in the rear of the box, added the clamp then threaded the wire from the plug and marked to length to shorten the connecting wire. I then marked and cut then removed the sleeve of the connection wire. Then, using the outlet as a pattern, I shortened the wire to the needed length, stripped the ends and clamped on pronged connectors and finally connected everything together. It didn't take long as I got lucky on the first cuts.

The 6 plug in is something that plugs into the two plug outlet then the center screw goes into where a cover normally is attached keeping the two pieces tight together; they should not pull apart. It's load is compatible with the 13 1/2 amp rating of the wire I used.

Do I need 6 plug-in positions? No but when under a car, on your back, it is easier to connect to one of 6 than to connect to one of two (a rationalization on my part :oops: :lol: ).

I have the parts for the air connection but I need to get a bigger piece of metal than the scrap I have as the connection to the water separator is a pair of slots, not what you might call a regular connection. Most of the water separators I looked at were not intended for anything but an in-line connection out of the compressor or an in-line connection to something like a blast cabinet. There was a big price difference for more conventional ones also.

One other thing I plan on adding would be to the bottom frame/grab bar that would be something like a towel rack bar that I could grab while on my back and move the cart around.

A lot of silliness for something so trivial but it has been fun! With what little I have used it the build has been worth it.


Re: Ol' Foggy garage seat with tool chest

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 11:11 am
by Ol'fogasaurus
I got to see HF's new unit and it is small especially when compared to mine. I didn't get to sit on it though but it looks to be "2 cheeks" wide and not that much deep. It has three drawers and no lid but does have to fold up storage tables at each end like many of the other's do. It is a bit different than some of the others though. Do a search on shop stools with drawers and this should come up: ... &FORM=IGRE and ... ORM=IRIBEP

I finally had a chance to use spend some time on it quite a bit lately and am pleased. What I did find out about mine is that it is very stable as far as how you sit on it. I plunked myself on it sitting on a corner and didn't notice any funny stuff happen. I hadn't noticed that I had done it until I had gotten off. It was stable, the same when I was sitting back to the extreme to the rear or on either end. I have one wheel with a "square corner" of some kind so it makes a noise rolling around on the concrete.

The one big drawback is getting it into very tight places with it as it is so much longer than one of those little round seats with 5 wheels (which I do have); unless the garage door is open it is next to impossible. :roll: :lol:

The other thing is for long periods in "the saddle": no back on it for support (which is a good thing that is doesn't... for sure) so I still use my chair on wheels which was going to be thrown away by my step daughter.


Re: Ol' Foggy garage seat with tool chest

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:42 pm
by Jadewombat
You're right, the backing is not needed most of the time. My co-worker takes old office chairs and cuts the back support off of them. Most of the time the stuff we work on sitting is at the same level or lower so not a lot of need for back support.

Re: Ol' Foggy garage seat with tool chest

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:15 am
I used to have an old office chair in my garage that I took the entire seat off of and installed a plate with a trailer ball on it to park my trailer on. Made it pretty easy to move the trailer around when not connected to a truck. Smaller trailer so it worked like a purpose built product. Office chairs have many great uses in the garage, if nothing else for parts.

Re: Ol' Foggy garage seat with tool chest

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 10:28 am
by Ol'fogasaurus
As I said, I do have a regular chair on wheels that I use for certain things but not exclusively. Mine will let me raise and lower the seat some and I think allows one to lay the back some which does come in handy. I also have a foot stool that is on wheels with springs on the posts. You move the stool to where you want it, sit on it and the springs collapse and the bottom of the stool sits on the floor. It is a left over from my manual drafting days where I was using a "track" drafting machine. With with the 7' long drafting table tilted up I could not reach the top of the drafting film to work on it standing on the floor hence the need for the stool.

One of the funny things about the little shop stools on wheels is when someone has been sitting on it bent over working that way for a long time, when they finally sit up and straighten their backs they arch them back some and the stool shoots out from beneath them. Stood for hours many times waiting for someone to finish so the bunch of us could go somewhere only to have them smack their heads on the floor which finishes that planned what ever :roll: .

The longer wider wheel base on this one, while it doesn't prevent the problem, does make it a bit harder to do... at least so far :wink: .