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This forum is for any discussion related to Aircooled Technology, the DTM shroud and Massive TypeIV engines. You may read and search this forum, but you can not post to it.

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NEW Aircooled Technology Forums

Post by doc » Tue Oct 31, 2006 9:00 am

The New Aircooled Technology online community is now completed!

We have been working for several weeks on the inside and outside workings of this group of forums dedicated to the Type 4 engine and I know that you'll love what we have cooked up for you! Here you can upload pics, attachments and custom avatars.


When you click on the link to the new forums, you'll only be able to see two forums, these are the only two forums that unregistered users have access to. I have done this to protect the environment that we have worked hard to create as well as the in depth information that we will be sharing within the community. The types of articles and posts that will be found here have never been shared on the net before, and most of it has never been available in any format. Information spanning from simple air filter research all the way to Turbocharging will be at the click of a mouse and all of it Type 4 specific!

A few particulars about registration:
Unlike other forums we have set up numerous usergroups within our community, these groups are for the owners of our various products. Due to this and the fact that we need to moderate who is able to benefit from our writings I have decided to manually allow each user to be granted access to the forums. Doing this means that I will have to set access permissions to each and every user- its a lot of work but well worth it to the community and the protection of our information.

Upon registration to the forums you will receive an email, click that link and then your information will be queued for validation by me, at which time I will set you user permissions. When I complete this you will receive a private message welcoming you to the community and advising the owners of our DTMs, EFI kits, Engine kits and complete engines what they can do to ensure we have set their permissions correctly so they can access the specialty lounges and support forums we have created especially for them- follow these instructions!

With all that being said, please understand that ALL GENERAL QUESTIONS pertaining to Type 4 Store products will now be redirected to our forums so I can answer them there, this helps multiple users of the products and keeps me from having to answer the same question 5 times per day. In the end we'll have an extensive search that will answer most any question with the click of the search key..

In closing I would once again like to thank Doc, the owner and Administrator of the STF for allowing me to host my forum here for so many years. The partnership of RAT and the STF will continue as we have interlinked the communities! I'll remain a member of the STF and will drop in from time to time

With that being said we look forward to seeing you online at the new forums so register and familiarize yourselves with the rules of the community, then enjoy the content!

The new link to these forums is
Jake Raby