Aircooled Technology forum closes 10/9, details within

This forum is for any discussion related to Aircooled Technology, the DTM shroud and Massive TypeIV engines. You may read and search this forum, but you can not post to it.

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Aircooled Technology forum closes 10/9, details within

Post by MASSIVE TYPE IV » Mon Oct 09, 2006 12:29 pm

Thats right..
I have decided to close this forum early to reduce my workload for the next few weeks while our new forums that are directed specifically for the Type 4 and our role in it's promotion, preservation and development.

Until the end of this month I will be busy installing the new dyno, completing some R&D and finishing some big projects. Due to this my time on the net is being greatly reduced and the time I will be spending will be on my new forums opening on November 1,2006.

The link for the new forums will be posted here on this forum on November 1. Check back then to get the link.

I look forward to seeing all of you there and I'll still be on the Type 4 Forum here every now and then.

In the mean time, anyone with product questions or questions pertaining to our business here should NOT POST in the Type 4 forum! Please forward the question via email by sending a query through the most applicable address pertaining to your question found on this page of my site

The STF will always be home and Doc has welcomed me back whenever I want, but its time for some expansion and a new way of sharing information that can be controlled differently.

This forum will be closed for posting permanently but will remain open for viewing for the next 6 months or so. None of this content here on the STF will be transferred to my new forums located on my site..

We'll see you guys in 3 weeks... You'll like what I have planned!

BTW_ I'll be hard to reach for the next few weeks- I have to isolate myself to get things done and that means the cell phone is to remain in the "Off" position...

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Post by doc » Mon Oct 09, 2006 1:54 pm

And so ends another significant chapter of Jake Raby has been a loyal and supportive member of our community for 6 years. He made over 20,000 posts and helped a lot of aircooled enthusiasts. I am grateful for his many contributions and wish him the very best in his business and development efforts. STF will continue to welcome Jake as a regular member in the future.

For now, as Jake notes above, if you need to reach him, use the contacts on his web site. I will close the Aircooled Technology forum to further posting. You will still be able to come to the forum and read. Eventually the forum heading will probably leave our list, but the posts and information will continue to be resident in the STF database and available through the search function.

For those slightly inconvenienced by not being able to post to a previous thread they are interested in, the best we can do is initiate a new post in another STF forum and reference the original post. Hopefully, this will not be too burdensome.

Certainly, many of the generic T4 topics that have often surfaced in Jake's old forum can be addressed in our own Type4um in the future.

Jake told me something some time ago that I'll not forget. It was something that his Dad told him, I think. He said, "Nothing ever stays the same." He was right.