Mist from oil filler cap

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Mist from oil filler cap

Post by advinnie » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:18 am

Hi all I have recently done a turbo conversion on my bug but today I have noticed mist coming out of the crankcase breather so I took the oil filler cap of and the mist was continuously coming out at idle but as soon as I increase the rpm to 1200rpm the mist stops. Now at idle if I hold a piece of paper over the oil filler the paper is being blown away but at 1200 rpm the paper is being sucked into the oil filler. Does this mean I’ve got a bad piston ring?
My cylinder compressions are 115, 115,120,115 so I would take this as good rings. Also there is no Oil being Burt on startup or while I’m driving and no signs of Oil on the spark plus.
What do you lot think

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