With Turbo and Super charging you can create massive horsepower with vw motors.

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Post by madmike » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:23 am

I hear ya,,I just stored my buggy, gonna snow today :roll:
as for your turbo : Pm sent :wink:
do you have a steering stabilizer on it? caster shim on the bottom beam? helps with high speed stabilization ,,king pins snug? I had a buggy with large front tires like yours and it shook too :| try some skinnys :wink:

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Post by jackthegripper » Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:59 pm

Hey all, back again for some advice from the wizards of shoptalk. Lots of changes in store for the upcoming season. Theres a couple major things id like to get done but im not sure what should take priority. :?:

With the plans of stepping everything up i know the transmission is gonna need to be looked at, currently is is completely unknown but i can guess its a dual side cover IRS from a beetle w/ a 3.88? Never checked the fluid and ran it all fall driving it like a pissed off teenager :mrgreen: all shifts are smooth and the seams started to leak at the end of the year, I definitley need to build a whole motor and transmission cradle because its on stock arms and i believe the irs housing is cracked on the lower motor housing bolts. Ive been looking at a bunch of options for the driveline but i think the cheapest and most efficient would be to trade in my core for a built rancho or similar setup. Other ideas were a porsche 901/911 5 speed or a bus transmission, or getting an old housing ang building my own?
What would you all suggest for the bug(1500lbs) street and strip use, i want something i can beat the dog snot out of and still have a decent time driving on the street; also i heard long gears are good on a turbo car. what do the drag people usually run? im still a bit unsure about transmission stuff but id love to learn more!
Another thing im looking at is to replace my General xp2000 set to something a little lighter and road worthy :twisted: Im really not sure how they made it through tech: (image)
Looking at a street radial like . MT or similar but would also be comfortable with a performance street tire and not just an all out drag wheel. the current rear wheels are 275/50r15 and i'd like to retain the look of the big back tires and smaller up front, if theres a similar set to the General xp2000 i would also be interested in something like that.

Manifold! Im planning on building a new exhaust manifold properly this winter and im pretty excited for that. 1.5" primaries and 44mm wastegate, Think we're going to get a t3 collector flange and build our runners up to that, but we have a couple ideas and im sure we wont decide until the materials are in front of us. Have any of you turbo guys tried building a header that merge the two cylinders off each head together before they go to the turbo collector or should i stick to the 4-1 collector right at the turbo?

Speaking of turbo, im planning on getting a new snail but i've been very indecisive. Looking at staying with the t3 family and using the same .36ar housing on exhaust but on a 50 trim or a super 60. I want to splurge on a ball bearing and a fancy billet wheel but theres still a lot of tweaking and learning before im ready to step up to an investment like that on a little project like this. Im also willing to switch completely over to a k04 or something like that or a tiny borg warner twinscroll. Ive spent quite a lot of time putting in combinations on RB racing calculator. looks like its gonna want to flow 20lbs/min for the power I'd like @12psi. Which leaves room for me to grow to hopefully 15-20 psi with the cooling power or methanol...

Methanol setup is inbound for the build as well hopefully by the end of the 2018 season, Ive picked up a couple things to build my own system, probably get a jet from devils own and make some ghetto system, but being how important it is i would like to use some components from a legit system, the pump and maybe a progressive controller if i can find something used and cheap. Using this and the BTM timing retard i think i can make some pretty good numbers on this old lawn mower engine.

What else do you guys recommend I should do for the buggy to get ready? Im definitley doing a couple safety measures also, Disc brakes up front (with a portioning valve for line lock and tire smoke :twisted: ) The windshield and roof is getting lifted 3" and better seat mounts are in store. I have a whole list of other little things that need to get done and i feel like im building a whole other car again! Distributors, fuel filters, carb jetting, exhaust flanges, suspension bushings, and axel seals, along with 30 other maintenance items. Oh yeah, and put a break away in the javelin-like steering shaft! :wink:

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