Getting to know you

With Turbo and Super charging you can create massive horsepower with vw motors.

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by seabeebuggy » Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:12 pm

Welcome Raulvallev!

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by doc » Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:40 am


Welcome to STF!! Lima, Peru - wow - you have to tell us about the VW scene in Peru. Any clubs, shows, etc. VW has a long history in South America. We'll be interested in hearing about it.


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Re: Getting to know you

Post by raulvallev » Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:50 pm

Thanks Seabeebuggy and Doc:

Well yes here in Peru there are lots of clubs, and you can see losts of VW going around some really nice and others that still are daily drivers to their owners, will post som pics, but dont know all the fórum and were to put them?
Also if I whant to put questions regarding turbo?
best regards.

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by Clonebug » Sun Apr 05, 2015 5:01 pm

raulvallev wrote:Thanks Seabeebuggy and Doc:

Well yes here in Peru there are lots of clubs, and you can see losts of VW going around some really nice and others that still are daily drivers to their owners, will post som pics, but dont know all the fórum and were to put them?
Also if I whant to put questions regarding turbo?
best regards.
Turbo questions can be posted in the "Forced Induction Forum".
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Re: Getting to know you

Post by madmike » Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:56 am

Age: 61
Location: Norther Michigan,usa (45 parallel, northern equator :shock: )
Married a German gal(near Stuggart) 40 years ago,one son 33 yrs/ Daughter-in law 25yrs. and a grandson 2
Hated skool :evil: have one collage credit :lol:
Career: worked/Managed My dad's Transmission Shop back in the 70-80's
owned Mike's Transmissions,then kind of leaned in to off road toys,MX Bikes & 4 wheelers
Opened Mad Racing Dirtbike shop,building Race motors & Suspension re-valving,ect
worked for ATV/Motor Cycle Safety Foundation as a 'Instructor' (got paid to ride Dirt bikes 8) )
AMA MX pro national mechanic, on the 'Pro circuit' with team Mad Racing, that was the coolest job!!
Retired VW wench now,which is still cool :lol:
TV: anything with cars/ chases/shoot'em up/Action! ,no chic flicks :roll: :lol:
Pets:? mostly the wife's :wink: 2 1/2 Horses,, 2 Rocky Mountains & 30 year old Welsh Pony, 6 dogs/Siberian Huskys,G Shepherd,Highbreed Wolfs, ,2 cats one in the barn an one barn cat turned 'Housecat'
Traded the Dragster for a Drag Bug last spring,so I slowed down in my old age :roll: :lol:
two Turbo motors a 1915&2276
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Re: Getting to know you

Post by MAA » Sat Jun 11, 2016 3:39 am

Hello guys, I found this site while searching for information on turbos. This site has helped me a lot! Lets get the intro out of the way. I'm in PA retired/disabled Commercial construction superintendent. 60 yrs old, I've had eight knee surgeries and two total knee replacements and don't get around well.

I do have a pretty well supplied garage and I'm proficient in both steel and aluminum welding. I own and the reason I'm here.

I am putting a small turbo on a 84ci air cooled army surplus motor that I have on my airboat. It's much like the VW engine with the exception that it has a magneto. I have the intake modified and I'm running a Empi pict 3 straight out of the box. The engine in stock form is just over 50hp with custom headers and only weighs about 180lbs.

I'm looking for a target hp of 100 hp so I won't be running much boost but I do want it to kick in early. My top rpm is only 3100rpm, The most the prop will take. The prop is really a governor and holds the rpm back. The 100hp number is what I need to run the prop I want to put on the boat to get the best performance out of it without going overboard. Pun intended! My top speed right now is about 30 MPH, I'm looking to get to 45-50.

I'll be cross posting some of the things I find here and I'll be certain to give this site recognition for some of the info.

Thanks for the great site and info!

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by petew » Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:11 am

I probably should have done this a while back but whatever...

Name: Pete (surprise!)
Age: 43
Family: Married coming up on 20 years to a great lady; 3 kids - Girl, boy, boy.
Job: Church pastor. Before that I was a professional muso (bass)/music teacher. Before that in a museum fixing things.
Where; I've lived in the Western Suburbs (rednecky bit) of Sydney my whole life. We planted the church I run in a new housing estate out here.
School; local highschool (sucked), then technical college (mechanical engineering), Sydney Conservatorium (degree in music/education), Moore Theological college (theology/bible degree). I started a Masters but dropped out after 1 subject.
Hobbies: First up, I have too many... and not enough time. :roll:

My two great loves are cars and music. I still play quite a lot of music at church and other places. I also love building things, although I joke that what I like to build is mostly useless (my wife doesn't see the funny side of it). I can do most things with tools, but I'm largely self taught. In the last 5 years or so I've started building electric guitars of various sorts. All offbeat and innovative.


I'm a terrible petrol head. My first sentence was, "Look mum! A car!". I've literally prayed for God to loosen my love of cars. LOL. I've always liked VWs. I've only owned 3 really. 2 beetles and a LWB buggy that I built. I swapped the buggy for my current 56' beetle. It came with an awful 40hp 1200 with a nastier Judson (hate em'). The plan is to build a good club car with a torquey 1600 turbo/efi motor for autocross and the street. Hopefully I'll get there...


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Re: Getting to know you

Post by yellow_snocone » Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:39 pm

Bring this one back with a slight bump.

Age = 28
Location = Chesterton, Indiana not far from Chicago
Nationality = American
Marital Status = single but won't be long before i get the propose reminder from the gf haha
Children = none yet
Interests = building everything and anything
Education = associates in logistic management and finishing my Bachelor's in construction management and engineering
Career = project engineer for a general contractor
Military History = 10 years in the United States Airforce
Coolest Job = convoy operations while I the military
TV = Home rehab shows, rescue me, the strain and more
Pets = 2 cats

This is my first run in the vw world and turbo world. I used to work on jeeps and off road a lot. I grow to love my bug the more i work on it. Such a simple yet advanced marvel of engineering. Gotta give the Germans credit: D

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