5th Annual SoCal Bajas Big Bear Run - Saturday, July 28th

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5th Annual SoCal Bajas Big Bear Run - Saturday, July 28th

Post by 64bajaking » Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:39 pm

It's that time of year again!

The Original Big Bear Run was where things really got started with the SoCal Bajas Off-Road Adventures group. It was the first official run that really got things kicked off, and started the ball really rolling for us. Since then, we've hosted over 50 runs, believe it or not, and have had an absolute blast together! Each and every year since, we've hosted somewhat of a homecoming, returning each July to Big Bear, and it's become somewhat of an annual tradition for the group. Each year, we alter the course slightly, and each year we find new adventures to seek out, and have new stories to tell when we leave. It's a great run for newcomers, as it gives a taste of lots of the kinds of things we like to do, kind of a smorgasbord of off-road treats: There's fast parts and slow parts, straight runs and slaloms, trees and mountains, cliffs and flatlands, easy trails and technical ones. Throughout the day, we sprinkle in stops where we explore the gold mining history of the area, as well as ruins and relics from the Old West, and spectacular views of one of California's most beautiful mountain areas.

Some of the key points of interest we'll likely cover on this trip:

Lucky Baldwin Mine: An abandoned gold mine overlooking the Ghost town of Doble, with a great view of Baldwin Lake
Hangman's Tree: A tree where it is rumored that the town hangings took place, way back in the Old West.
Belleville Ruins, The Pygmy cabin: Where the old town of Belleville was, a town of fifteen hundred people that came within two votes of becoming the county seat for San Bernardino County.
Two Mark's Turnaround Trail: That's a story that must be shared in person. We'll do that at the beginning of the trail.
Holcomb Valley: We'll tour up and down through some terrific trails and dirt roads through this magestic area, included the Rolling Scissors trail, the (now closed off) BanditBill's Hill, Skid's triple jump spot, the dirt raceway, the Big Bear Lake overlook, and more.
Gold Mountain Trail: We'll make a stop at this famous trail, where those that dare can climb what looks to be an insurmountable obstacle-covered black diamond rated hill. One year, we had 18 cars make it up! This is one of many highlights
Iron Door Mine: Another abandoned mine, now a bat sanctuary. We may stop and look for the Rose Mine, which is in the same area. We haven't been able to find it in the past, but it may be interesting if we do.

This is surely a FULL DAY adventure. Bring food and water, and be prepared for a long day in the dirt. It's really a fun run, and the best part is that it's pretty local to everyone in Southern California.

We'll be meeting at the Starbucks in Big Bear at 7:00 AM. The driver's meeting will start at 7:30, and we'll be hitting the trail shortly thereafter. Be gassed up and ready to go! We usually have 20-30 cars attend this one, so it's critical that everyone be there on time and be ready to roll!

In years past, many people have stayed at hotels and motels in Big Bear City for the weekend, or camped out in some of the different camping spots around the area. Others have just driven up for the day. If you're planning on camping or staying at a hotel somewhere, please post it up, as no doubt others would like to do the same.

See ya there!

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Re: 5th Annual SoCal Bajas Big Bear Run - Saturday, July 28t

Post by 560 » Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:09 pm

Sounds like a blast for sure. When I am finished with my street legal car I plan to come down on some of the gatherings.

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