Making progress...

Offroad VW based vehicles have problems/insights all their own. Not to mention the knowledge gained in VW durability.

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Re: Making progress...

Post by madmitch » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:58 pm

Yes I’ve learned a lot since retiring nearly 8 years ago. I worked part time at first for a car builder friend in town. It was my dream job.
I’ve also learned not to spend much of my 401. Too much has to go to income tax. SS barely pays the bills and it’s getting harder with inflation.
Can’t wait to get finally moved out of cA and work in my new shop.
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Re: Making progress...

Post by Skidmark » Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:07 pm

I have been number crunching for at least the last six months leading up to this. I think we will be fine. I will have (at a minimum) a 1000 sq/ft shop/garage to tinker in. No plans to sell stuff, just putter about on my own projects. I refuse to (more like can't afford to) retire in California. It just doesn't make financial sense. Not only the income taxes on the IRA's, but all the STUPID tax increases Moonbeam is pushing through. The traffic, the crowds, the poor air quality, the gas prices, the list just keeps growing. All you have to do is cross the Nevada border and gas drops $0.50/gallon. Besides, my wife and I have a soft spot for Lake Tahoe since we were married there. The new homestead will only be a 30 minute drive away from south Lake Tahoe. And 1000's of square miles of BLM land to the east. Less people, more room, I could go on forever... my wife even suggested getting a small boat to go fishing with! It's no wonder why we just had our 29th anniversary!
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Re: Making progress...

Post by dustymojave » Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:24 pm

Gardnerville is quite close to Bodie, where I met up with the gang doing the trans-Nevada offroad trip last year. The day we left, there was a family who brought tamales to sell. They were from Gardnerville. And we needed a locksmith that morning too, the nearest was in Gardnerville. There is a guy on the Burro Buggy group who lives in Gardnerville.

Congrats on your 29th. We passed our 35th in August. And retired in late 2015. Actually stopped "working" in late 2014, but made it official a year later to the day.

We'd be looking at moving to somewhere around there too if we had not fallen into a great deal on a home here in the SoCal desert.

Just heard about upcoming tax increases from our fair-haired govvy poo. I still approve of the line I read in the 1960s. Can also reflect on California water shortages..."If it's brown, flush it down."

SS just changed their rules too. While early this year, I was told that I would become eligible to start drawing my SS this month (just turned 62 2 days ago), and would get my 1st payment the 3rd of the month that I turned 62, I just last week received a letter from SSA saying that I would become eligible the 1st "WHOLE" month that I'm of age, and I would receive the payment for that month at the end of the following month instead of at the beginning of the month that it applies to. Pushed back the start of draw by nearly 3 months. This is apparently a change that was made during the previous administration, but started in the latter half of this year. We'll make it through, but a new engine for my Baja will have to wait a while. So will some other things.
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