Club Motorkhana - Sydney Motorsport park. 21.10.2017

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Club Motorkhana - Sydney Motorsport park. 21.10.2017

Post by petew » Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:12 am

Off with my car club today doing a skidpan motorkhana...


It was a gorgeous day really. As per usual, I had by far the oldest car there. For once though, no one whined about me having a thrash in a classic. Just as well, I tend to give them lip.


This is my second motorkhana in the car with new setup (drivetrain and suspension) and I'm starting to get a feel for it. Avoiding understeer on 165/80 R15s on stock rims is a challenge. So I'm using an old trick. 48psi in the rear tyres and... 25psi in the front. :wink:

At the beginning of the day we get given a sheet of tests. We did 8 across the day. This one messed me up. Overthinking and then I thought I'd screwed it up and gone the wrong direction. Turns out I hadn't, but then ruined it anyway.


The trick with most of the tests is to find the simple bits. So, in the test above nearly ALL the test is left hand turns. There's only 1 right hand turn. Then you memorize the shape by drawing it in the air in front of you. A friend managed to video one of the tests I got right.

At the end of all 8 tests, they setup a shoot out.


Two of these tests would be set up side by side. Cars would race side by side. I beat my friend's son in a new Suzuki swift, then a V6 Commodore wagon (like the GTO you guys get). I was surprised how quickly the beetle pulled away from both of them. Unfortunately, then I was lined up next to a supercharged AWD impreza. He only just had me in a straight line, but I overcooked the first turn and it was over. Still a great day. Here are the results for the first 8 tests.


I'm 2/3s of the way down the field, but it's an improvement on last time for sure. Last time I came 9th in my class, this time it was 7th. Small gains and I am 8 seconds off the pace, but it's a lot of fun and not hard on the car. I could really do with some more front grip. Got a few plans about what to do about that. I'd like to put a better tyre on the front, but I have no idea how. Good news though, the car has plenty of power even with only 6psi of boost and the handbrake worked really well this time.
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