Clutch Cylinders - master & slave

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Clutch Cylinders - master & slave

Post by gearheadgreg » Thu May 10, 2018 9:36 am

OK, so the slave cylinder on my 412 is weak. I understand that the slave cyl's are basically unobtanium now, and have read Ray's (excellent) posts about the type of seal material, size, etc. to make new seals.

I'm sure I could find a seal that would work, possibly needing to modify the piston, or make a new one. However, I have another question -

Why does the 412 need such a huge slave cylinder? I understand the relationship of leverage ratios between the master and slave, but I'm wondering if we can swap in a different (Vanagon for example) Master AND slave cylinder. If the earlier cars used a 19mm slave, with a different master, I"m sure, I wonder if the clutch arm doesn't need a huge push on it.

I'd love to find a more universal solution for all the 412s out there, either Vanagon, or something universal, or adapted from a much more common car.
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