Why did you pick the Type 4 conversion?

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Re: Why did you pick the Type 4 conversion?

Post by oprn » Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:48 pm

I picked a type 4 engine for the reasons outlined in a previous post on this thread. Namely because I had one lying around and for their reputation for long life and dependability. This is to be a long distance retirement cruiser for a couple of old farts.

That said I was looking for a bit more in the giddy-up go department but nothing radical. What I got has far exceeded my expectations. This engine is truly the "big block" of the VWs! It gives this old plastic toy Buggy a kick in the pants big time!

I do not really understand why the difference is so great. The engine specs have not really changed that radically.

Old engine:

Basically stock 1600 DP with extractor exhaust and Kadrons. Ran well enough to feel sporty around town and keep up with the traffic on the highway. Typical air cooled performance in a light car.

New engine:

Stock Bus 1700 fare freshened up with new rings(previous owner installed the 96mm jugs)very mild Web cam(idles at 500rpm cold if I want it to)fresh stock 1700 heads, Weber 40s and a home made dual exhaust 1.5" into 1.75" with 2 off road mufflers. Nothing to explain this kind of power boost. It feels like at least double the power! This is slightly less than a 20% increase in displacement.

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