New to the Type 4rum? Read this first.

This is the place to discuss, or get help with any of your Type 4 questions.

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New to the Type 4rum? Read this first.

Post by tuna » Sun Feb 15, 2004 10:40 pm

First off, I'd like to welcome you to the Type 4rum, the forum dedicated to the Type 4 engine, including how to modify it for more power and to use in an "upright" cooling configuration in a Bug, KG, Thing, etc.

1). Internet resources
If you are new to the Type 4 engine, I suggest a few Internet resources you might find valuable. The first web site is mine, Type 4: Secrets Revealed. At this site you'll find a lot of information, like crankcase codes, torque settings, etc., along with tech articles. These tech articles cover a wide range of topics and covers everything from theory to practical applications. There is also a "Parts Tour" that compares the Type 4 parts to their Type 1 counterpart. This is great for those of you already familiar with the Type 1 engine.

My second recommendation is for those of you who will converting the Type 4 to an upright cooling system for use in a Bug, KG, Thing, etc., or any other vehicle that can use a stock Bug 1600cc engine. This site belongs to Raby's Aircooled Technology of Georgia. Their site for the DTM cooling system can be valuable. Jake Raby has enclosed much information that he's accumulated in the years he's been building Type 4s.

2). Introduce yourself....
Currently we have a topic at the top entitled "roll call". This thread allows you to introduce yourself to the community and we get to know you. Tell us what kind of car(s) you have and what you would like to learn about.

3). Have a question?
Before you post that question, please take a moment and search the forum first. At the top of the screen you will see a "Search" option. Click on it, enter a keyword(s), and select "The Type4rum" where it says "Forum:". If you don't find an answer there, try changing your words, using similar words.

If you still can't an answer, then please post your question. Chances are you'll get a least a few responses.

4). Coming soon.....
I will soon be including a frequently asked question (FAQ) list for this thread, so if you are still in a fog on the Type 4, check back later and see if I answer your questions.

5). If you have a suggestion how to help those new to the Type 4 scene, feel to post here or email me directly.

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Re: New to the Type 4rum? Read this first.

Post by goodhobbit » Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:15 pm

My name is Larry. I am a 60 year old junior high science teacher rebuilding a 1974 bus. I am very much a rookie at this. Rebuilt a bug 10 years ago, but never touched the engine. I have a 2.0 L type 4 engine GE that I am in the process of totally rebuilding for the bus. It came to me in pieces and was in pretty rough shape it must have gotten very hot). Parts have been a little challenging to find; esp. the oil pump.
I am planning on converting it to dual carbs. So I have plenty of fuel injection parts if anyone wants them.
I, also, have never even seen a type 4 engine completely assembled. So there are a few things that I am missing that I have never seen before ... like the three pieces of rear engine tin. But I have learned a lot: computing compression ratios, "cc"ing my heads, replacing bearings, etc. So far the engine has gone together pretty smoothly. I had to learn a few tricks that weren't in the manuals (bleeding the hydraulic lifters), so its been fun.
I am looking forward to browsing through this forum.

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Re: New to the Type 4rum? Read this first.

Post by Piledriver » Tue May 03, 2016 8:27 pm

Tunas site has been moved and seems to have lost most of its links, even internal ones.

The internet archive has good mirrors, and you can try different mirror dates to see how things evolved at the top of their webpage.

Try this link: ... ndex.shtml
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