Roll call

This is the place to discuss, or get help with any of your Type 4 questions.

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Re: Roll call

Post by Placerpuma » Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:29 pm

Hello, my name is Frank, have had my Type 4 running for over twenty five years. Grew up with these things in Germany, Riechert and Willibald were doing Type 4 conversions and it caught my eye back then. Relocated to North America and information was sketchy at best during the 80‘s. The internet was not very popular back then.
Fast forward, getting ready to redo my 73’ Two Liter in my Puma Convertible. Located in SoCal now.

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Re: Roll call

Post by GMCBURB » Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:20 pm

Hi, my name is Jason and I’m a recent convert to VWs, in fact, I’ve never turned a wrench on one. I have been a gearhead for many years though--pretty much old American stuff only.

Last year my wife started showing an interest in VWs so I steered her to the older stuff, one thing led to another and now we have a 67 fastback.

Plans right now are to fix the rust, spray new coat of paint and install new interior (as it’s a running driving car) with a goal of having it ready for her birthday in May. She’s excited, which is always good for a few more hours in the garage!

Reason I’m here at the 4rum is I have access to a complete Type IV wagon and want to learn more about swapping them over as I hear they’re a better engine.

Any Fellow Coloradians on here?


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Re: Roll call

Post by tedsu0 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:33 am


My name is Lars Johansen
I live in Lillehammer, Norway
I am 28 years old, have 2 kids(0 and 4) and a lovely girl.
I work in a local Internet service provider as a contactcenter manager

I have been interested in VW for about 10 years.
I have always had a passion for type4, the reason for starting with type4 i dont remember but more i work with it, better it gets.

My current cars:
1977 Porsche 911s Turbolook, 2.7l RS engine (indish rot)
1971 Porsche 914. 916look (indish rot)
1971 Porsche 914 Orginal (porsche yellow)

My current engine projects are:

Engine 1:
CJ engine block
Stroke 71
Borr 103
42*38 heads
298 camshaft
Megasquirt /w Edis
Bas header

Engine 2:
AP Engine Block
Stroke 71
Borr 94
41*34 Heads
296 Camshaft
2 Dellort 45s
Bas Header

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Re: Roll call

Post by coffin » Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:46 pm

Seth Coffin here - new guy - I have a 66 bus, a 74 sqaure back (for sale) and a 2.0 type 4 waiting to be rebuilt and installed into my 66 912. Ive been kind of hanging around reading up on other folks who have done this conversion and taking notes. I would like it to be quick and fun but not a race car. And like many, Im on a budget. Hi and thanks for all of the great info - Seth

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Re: Roll call

Post by 60ragtop » Fri Nov 09, 2012 12:11 am

Well this isn't technically my first post, but I thought I'd introduce myself this time around. My name is Ian, I've been lurking on the forum here for close to a year learning a little bit every time I pop on. Right now I'm in the process of restoring a 1960 ragtop beetle. Currently it's sitting body off in the garage and the pan is slowly getting disassembled for the installation of IRS brackets, a POR recoat, and a complete Mendeola suspension package all as finances allow. I learned about the type 4 conversion a smidge over a year ago, and realized it was exactly what I was looking for. When it's done this car should handle like a modern vehicle, and perform like one as well. With the reliability of a modern vehicle to boot. Early in the year I found a 2.0 Porsche case with tapped oil galleys and align bored and picked it up cheap, and got the seller to throw in a set of 2.0 3 stud heads and some cylinders for bit more.

Ultimately I'm planning on building either a 2270 or a 2316 (leaning toward the 2316), probably sell the 2.0 heads and get a new set from Jake, and run EFI ala megasquirt. Looking for the engine to be tame enough to be streetable, but potentially see a little track/autocross time as well. It's likely going to be a looooong project, but I'll be doing most of the work myself or with my dad. No budget since there's not a time frame for finishing.

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Re: Roll call

Post by Brent69 » Tue Jan 01, 2013 2:30 am

I'll start for 2013!

My name is Brent and Type 3's are my passion. I finished a 69 Fastback last summer, 100% nut and bolt, body off, everything redone. It was a really fun project for me, and a quite a learning experience.

I'm a naval officer and have been in for 16 years now. I'm currently working maintenance at the shipyard in Yokosuka Japan as a project officer for one of the ships here. Plan is to move back to Seattle in a couple years, short tour in Puget Sound, then retire. :) Then, I'll start my next project... (for which I've started collecting parts for).

I want to do the Type 4 into a Type 3 conversion with a 69 Squareback. 2270 with pancake style cooling, to fit under the decklid.

This site has some great info for the non-stock type crowd. Hope to ask questions, contribute, and become part of this community over the next several years.

Happy new year!


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Re: Roll call

Post by oldmopars » Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:50 am

New to this forum and wanted to say hi. I will be building a mostly stock type 4 to put into my 74 Super. I started a conversion about 6 years ago,but sold it before finishing. I will try again.
Anyway my name is Scott and I will be around.

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Re: Roll call

Post by rusco » Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:40 am

Don't know if you are stil doing this intro, but the name is Russ and live in Colorado (RusCo). As of 2013, I own and race a class 5 unlimited in multiple series throughout the southwest.

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Re: Roll call

Post by pondoras box » Mon Mar 11, 2013 4:41 pm

Hello all

My name is Robert even though I live in Erie PA now I have been all over the US.

Anyway I have a stock 2 literal that I plan to put in my 65 standard microbus. It will be mildly lowered with at least front disc brakes.

I haven't quite made up my mind on how I am going to build it yet. But I am thinking stock crank with 106 piston and cylinders realitivly low compression with dual 40s.built

I have a nextgen / Joe Calif manual that I will be using to help with the upright conversion.

I have built several type 1 engines from stock to 2275 but this will be my first type 4.

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Re: Roll call

Post by robocop93 » Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:07 am

Hello everyone

My name is Robbie and I live in Canada. I bought a VW fiberglass buggy a few years ago and just recently started playing with the engine (the goal is to restore it to working stock condition). It came with a 1.7L type iv. The engine sat for quite some time and upon removal of the heads and cylinders found that one piston is blown and the connecting rod is bent. Not really sure where to go from here as the head on that side is also in pretty seedy condition.

Its my first time playing with a Volkswagen engine however I do have some limited experience on other horizontally opposed reciprocating engines. I look forward to learning more about these engines, and I think I am in the right place to do so, the information here is fantastic.

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Re: Roll call

Post by volksartist » Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:57 am

This is my first type 4 build. I have been lurking trying to get a handle on combos. Here is Canada it seems every second guy is running an upright type 4! Not
taking into account bay buses.
I know a dozen guys with these motors but vehicles, combos, reliablilty, etc. is all over! My vehicle is a 64 double cab so I need info that works for my bus.
I have been inspired by local builds such as Sandeeps and clockworks. Hope you guys can steer me in the right direction.


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Re: Roll call

Post by Zeke » Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:18 pm

Hey, I used to hang out here. How are all you ol' timers doin'?

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Re: Roll call

Post by Dubshack1 » Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:51 pm

Hello from Jax Fl, looking to power up on the engine of my busses and think the type 4 is the way to go. I'm sure I'll ask some dumb questions but hope not too many. Look forward to talking with all of you that have the experience .

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Re: Roll call

Post by saggs » Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:27 pm

Name's George Diedrich, I've been in and out of the site since 2007. I'm an HVAC tech, have a lovely hard working wife and two grown sons. I've had a 67 camper since 86 when I got out of college. Still have that one. I dragged a 56 beetle home (to VT) 8 yrs ago and the whole thing was trashed. I got tired of rebuilding T1 stuff and wanted somthing more solid. I picked up Joe's book and stumbled onto some 914 motors locally. I got a 1.7 w/ dual webers, a cam and a few other goodies off a guy who raced it in the sportsman class. I converted it to upright, shoehorned it into my oval and just got the whole works on the road 2 weeks ago. I did a full resto all by myself and am very happy w/ the way it came out. Many thanks to all you cats on the Type 4rum here for the tips I've recieved over the years. My first bug and first T4, I'm working thru the bugs but love the motor. 8)
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Re: Roll call

Post by chuckput » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:28 pm

My name is Chuck and I live in El Centro, CA. I am a High School Special Education Teacher and my wife and I are really enjoying our empty nest years. My project began as a Baja Bug build and I was looking for something a little different from a Type I powerplant (nothing wrong with a Type I - I was looking for something unique). I came across a Type IV engine in the Race-Dezert classifieds. It was built by Majors, had a Porsche style cooling fan and shroud and was about 2500 cc (according to the PO). The best part was it was right here in town! I was able to see and hear the engine two years ago but the project has been progressing slowly and it hasn't run yet in the car.



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