Roll call

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Re: Roll call

Post by Gnasha » Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:32 pm

Hi, Im John 60 retired. new to aircooled although parents had beetles and fast backs waaaaaay back. Ive recently purchased a 74 ragtop KG 1600 DP. I found this site from the Samba site. Im seriosly considering a type4 2.0 exchange. I have fully restored a Triumph GT6 mkIII to concours condition.

Any questions just ask


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Re: Roll call

Post by oprn » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:16 pm

Good day to all here! I am excited to be on this forum as what I have read so far seems to be quality!

I grew up in Alberta, Canada am now approaching retiring age and have always had a love for all things automotive. I have been a VW fan all my life starting with the air cooled ones and graduating to the water pumpers and now the TDI diesels. I have had too many VWs (and a couple Porsches) to list but just recently acquired a Manx copy that the wife and I plan to do some summer touring in for retirement. I had plans to keep it close to the original Manx buggy format but on finding out it was not the genuine item, that plan is now scrapped. I still want to keep it somewhat authentic though so will stick with an air cooled engine and a "simpler is always better" theme.

I am looking forward to getting up to date on the air cooled front and swapping a few lies with like minded people!


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Re: Roll call

Post by analogtherapy » Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:01 pm

Hey type 4 folks! New guy here, in the process of a first time tear down, and will be venturing slowly into a rebuild. My name is Stephen (riverside66 on TheSamba). I've owned 5 VW's: Started with 3 MK2 GTI's, then a 66 bug, and now I've got a 79 bus, which has (from what I can tell) an original (seemingly low miles) 2.0L type 4 (federal), but was stripped of its FI system, and replaced with a single Weber progressive.

My grandfather instilled in me to buy the best you could, and do it right the first time, and that's what I aim to do with this motor. I've got the books: Wilson, Service Manual, Haynes, Muir.

I've got a build thread (for context, and to anyone who's interested) at: ... sc&start=0

Problem is, I'm finding that there's a lot of opinion vs fact, and a lot of confusion concerning the Type 4, and there seems to be less and less folks with actual real world experience with it on The Samba. Where are the Type 4 gurus? I'm hoping here :)

What a long winded introduction!

Here's to hoping I'm in the right place! Thanks all!


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