DTM install with Thermostat and single relief

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DTM install with Thermostat and single relief

Post by Gnasha » Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:04 am

HI, still a newbie I suppose, till I purchased my KG my only experience of ACVW's was riding in the back of my Parents Bug and fast back they had in the early 70's. Now I find myself knee deep in two dismantled T4's GE and GD, one of which will be selected for DTM conversion.

Both cases as you are all aware are single relief operation, there-in lies my question.

I don't profess to understand completely the operation of single or dual relief, I do know they function/respond to the oil temperature and the subsequent changes in pressure.

During the proposed relocation of the T4 oil cooler to the dog house shroud I would like to insert a oil thermostat between the case and cooler.

Is this a good move? I'm thinking the oil will be circulating at 80 deg C (176F) when the thermostat starts to open, what if any, will be the effect on the oil pressure to the engine. The Relief valve has a slot in it, to ensure constant relief at the operating temperature? The Oil pump has been blue printed, the engine will be a cruiser, (town work long distance) not a racer so more or less stock except for Webers and a decent cam compatible with hydraulic lifters.

Thanks for reading this.

PS I learnt a lot in the searches but cant find the right answer or direction.

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