Oil gear shaft shape

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Oil gear shaft shape

Post by GuruX » Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:24 am

I have installed a new C25 camshaft from Scat. Together with the camshaft they recommended a 30mm Schadek type 1 oil pump.
The end of the camshaft (where the shaft of the oil gear meets) is a little dished. The shaft of the oil gear is square.

I got this picture in an email from Scat. They tell me to round of the gear oil shaft, as in the picture. I can't understand why I would do that. That would mean that the oil gear is only rotated by friction, and not by grabbing on to the camshaft end. Are their instructions really correct?
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Re: Oil gear shaft shape

Post by WLD419 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:09 pm

Hello ,
You need to put a radius on the end of shaft , what I've done in the past is put play-do or plumbers putty in the end
of cam shaft , then carefully remove it , so you have an idea of the arc or radius , grind the end of shaft flat to match
arc , be careful not to much , with pump housing installed in case , insert shaft so the flat goes in cam slot , see how
much gear sticks above housing surface , repeat grind more on the end shaft until gear is flush with top of housing ,
now remove housing & gear shaft , put a little putty in cam slot , install housing insert gear shaft into cam slot , push
till gear is flush , you need clearance between end of shaft with radius & bottom of cam slot , putty tells you how
close your ac radius matches and how much clearance you have , I hope this makes sense I hope this helps
heres a pic of end of shaft flat with radius
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