Type 4 head studs

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Andy Somogyi
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Type 4 head studs

Post by Andy Somogyi » Sun May 27, 2018 8:17 am

Hi All,

Any recommendations on where to buy reasonably priced head studs?

I'm building a very conservative low-boost turbo T4, looking at 150-185 hp max, so I'm definitely not building a monster here. I'm going with probably a 76mm stroke with a 5.5" rod. I'll also be using 96mm biral cylinders, so these should have about the same thermal expansion coefficient as the stock iron cylinders.

I know Raceware and ARP make head studs, but I'm not spending $400 for a set of race head studs.

I'd rather not re-use 45 year old rusty and likely stretched head studs.

Does anyone make some standard chrome-moly head studs for the T4 at a reasonable price?

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Re: Type 4 head studs

Post by chuckput » Mon May 28, 2018 5:07 pm

You could try European Motorworks (http://www.europeanmotorworks.com/mm5/m ... ad-spacers)

I am building a 2257 using a kit from AA Pistons. The connecting rods are 5.188 and to get a 9.00:1 CR I had to use .120" in spacers. That caused the stock studs to be too short. The ones from European Motorworks are plenty long enough. The bottom of the threads on the head end are the same as stock, the length is added to the end. Comes with new washers and 12-point ARP style nuts.
Price is still kind of high, but a lot cheaper than ARP and Raceware.
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Re: Type 4 head studs

Post by dunegoon » Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:05 am

I installed 12x1.5 to 10x1.5 Timecerts in the case and then went through piles of good used type 1 OEM German 10mm head studs and selected what I thought were the best ones. I polished them up and then painted them. You need to have access to some 40HP head studs to source the shortest ones. Works for me.

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