215 Heavy Pressure Plate?

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215 Heavy Pressure Plate?

Post by Clatter » Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:08 pm

Figured this was a good question for this place...

I'm continuing to put together a full-house 2270 built around a real exhaust and whatnot.
Should be making 200HP or more, if goes as planned.
This means it will be getting an upgraded clutch..

It uses a 914 flywheel -215mm "Porche type", not Bus.

The P-car world seems to have a few different kits,
All of which are $600+ :|
https://www.pelicanparts.com/catalog/Su ... .htm#item0

The Type4Store seems to offer a 6-puck disk as the solution?
https://type4store.com/products/clutch- ... -disc.html

Kennedy sells a 215 P-Spec Stage 1 for $310, reportedly good to 230 ft./lbs. or so.

Also saw someone (Wally?) with some Sachs 'Super Duty'(?) P/P somewhere once?

Who has crossed this bridge and lived to tell the tale?
Would like to do this only once, since it's all to be balanced as a unit..

What's that Noise??

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Re: 215 Heavy Pressure Plate?

Post by WLD419 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 12:12 pm

Hello Clatter,
I run a rebuilt kep 2 stage , I over tightened clutch cable( dummy me) & bent a few fingers so I
sent it kep for repair , I spoke with a gentlemen named Monte & had him rebuild it to a
stage 2 1/2 ( they dont make a 3 ) I also run a solid center disc ( sprung disc seemed to slip on my setup)

call Jorge at EMW he normaly stocks them, also AA sells them for $270 stage 2, plus there 15% discount


good luck Bill D.

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