DTM Fan Fitment Issue

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Re: DTM Fan Fitment Issue

Post by NextGen » Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:06 pm

Funny you said you love the wide exhausts, ha. As mentioned I got it from a company in the UK -- Just Kempers, Well it was for a T-4 Bus. Problem was it was even wider then it is now . Like beyond each tire , because it was for a Bus..

If you look closely at the drivers side Pipe you can see a Cut and Weld Job. I had a shop take out 6". So that exhaust must be the only of of it's kind.

To add to the story, I asked for the price and the guy said $250 expensive 20 years about but better then replacing a muffler every year.

He said ya but the shipping to the UK will kill you . I asked if he was near London, and he said 5 miles, I told him to ship it to a our sister elevator company in London. They shipped to me with a box of elevator parts at no cost.
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