reading timing on typ4 in variant/type3/914

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reading timing on typ4 in variant/type3/914

Post by David, Lule » Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:09 am


How are you who have an type 4 engine in a Type 4 variant, a type 3 or a porsche 914 doing when you are reading ignition etc. through the little inspection hole in the fan shroud?


I have driven type 4 variant. It was all original. that mean that I could adjust the ignition on the original mark on the fan. Easy.

In my present Type 3 with Type 4 engine it is not that easy. I thougt I was smart and measured the circumference on the fan, splitted the value in 360 degrees and made marks on the fan in every degree from 30 degree BTC and 20 ATC.

Clever :) With the engine assembled and in the car then I discovered my misstake. It is only a tiny litte V in the shroud to read the degrees. and all of my marks were on the inside. I had mad every fifth mark over the whole area. That saved me. But I can read only every fifth mark and not the engraved numbers.

Does any have a nice, easy readable and simple sollution for this?

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